From Nurse Christine April 5

The coming weeks continue to bring uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic. What we do know is that the number of cases are still climbing. We are nowhere near reaching the peak of the number of cases that will affect our country. Time will tell when exactly that is but these next few weeks are very important.  You need to do what you can to keep yourself well. I would encourage you to consider not going out to stores if possible. So many places will offer delivery to your door. Items will be left outside the door so that there does not need to be close contact with those people delivering the items. For those who need something but really shouldn’t go out, please let me know. I will make arrangements to pick it up myself for you or have someone pick it up and deliver it. These are some very key weeks in this pandemic  and if we can do our best to distance ourselves physically from others, it will be in our best interest.

Dr. Teresa Tam who is our Chief public health officer of Canada recently suggested that fabric masks should be used in public settings when physical distancing can be hard to maintain. If you do need to head out for necessary items or errands, Consider using a mask or a scarf if you need to be close to other so.  If you need to seek medical help, consider wearing a mask or scarf as well. If you are heading out for a walk or going somewhere that you will have a good distance from others, a mask is not necessary.  It is important to not touch your face when out and hand sanitize frequently when out.  See the link included showing a recent article in the New York times which revealed the efficiency of fabric for masks. 

For anyone interested, we have a couple congregation members who are sewing fabric masks for anyone in the congregation who would like one. Please contact me or the church office if you would like one.

So, stay home if you can. Continue to get fresh air and exercise. Eat well, drink lots of fluids and get good rest. Wash your hands each time you come into your house.  Avoid close contact with anyone who is not from your household. If you think you have the virus, Contact the Waterloo regional public health online (if possible- otherwise phone in) to complete their screening tool which will guide you on how to proceed.  See link.
Don’t hesitate to call me if you are in need of help or just need someone to talk to. My contact info is 519-588-8006 or




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