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In our Prayers

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The Navicella (literally "little ship") or Bark of St. Peter[2], of Old Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, was a large and famous mosaic by Giotto di Bondone


The Season of Pentecost

Readings and Psalm for August 9

Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

Psalm 105:1-6, 16-22, 45b

Romans 10: 5-15

Matthew 14: 22-33


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News from Mount Zion
Aug 7, 2020

Sharing the Loaves and Fishes 

Most of us would have received the letter from Karen Gastmeier about our new capital campaign, Faith in Action: Beyond 2020, primarily for the roof. Covid19 has been hard on many of us, uncertainties and fears of the future are real. Last Sunday we heard Dennis Serfas, Assistant to the Bishop, Northern Region, Saskatchewan Synod, talk about the feeding of the five thousand. He reminded us that we may think that what we have is too little but it is always enough and more than enough for Jesus, like the five loaves and two fishes. The question is if we are willing to share and work with him with what we have.
The target may seem daunting. The roof served us well for 34 years and even as we look forward to having in-person worship in the near future this is an issue that needs to be taken care of. Besides being dry and comfortable on a Sunday, the organ, piano and other investments being damaged is another concern. Dennis said as to how the pandemic has allowed us to pause and think of our values, or as Brueggemann reminded us, it has given us an opportunity to reset ourselves. Let us believe and trust that we will be provided the needed funds for a new roof by participating in the campaign.  Pastor Philip

Bishop Pryse to Visit Mount Zion

Bishop Mike will be visiting Mount Zion by Zoom next Sunday (Aug 16) when he will be the guest preacher. It is always a delight to have him with us.

In Our Prayers

Lily Intschert has been in hospital since July 1 and is now in palliative care.  Let us also remember her and the family in our prayers. Let us continue to remember Gwen, Christine, Margaret, Willie, David, Conrad and Zach in our prayers, that they would experience wholeness and healing.  Let us pray for the Ernst family as they grieve the death of Charlie.  Let us pray for our leaders at the federal, provincial and regional levels as they guide through the pandemic.

Links and Lessons

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SUNDAY 10 am (Sign in any time after 9:30 am)


Meeting ID: 741 745 428  Password: 128324

VESPERS 7:00 pm Monday - Thursday evenings(Sign in any time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)


Meeting ID: 826 4408 7778

MEN'S BREAKFAST   9:00 a.m. Thursday

Postludes and Preludes from previous services can be accessed by clicking on the YouTube icon at the  top of the page. 

A Banner Tale 

On Sunday you will note that the banner used at the beginning of the service, will be changed, just as it would have if we were worshipping in the sanctuary. Susan Brubacher, who with husband Richard has physically changed and cared for the banners for a number of years, thought that a little background about our “Tree of Life” banner would be of interest. The banner was created by Marie Zinken to commemorate Mount Zion’s 50th anniversary. Marie is the late daughter of Pastor Norm and Helen Lange and  late wife of Brian Zinken.  Brian has been joining our Sunday Zoom services from Grand Bend.  We are happy that he is able to worship with us.

Marie wrote this of her work.

    " I was very proud and honoured to be asked to create a banner for my home congregation.  How do I represent 50 years worthy of celebration for a congregation with which I have some history and emotional attachment?

     The Tree of Life made the perfect analogy.  The tree has a tenuous beginning from seed and struggles and reaches; constantly changing and evolving; it grows, produces, gives back – and so does this congregation; all the glory of God.  The tree is deep rooted, stable, stately and strong: and so is this congregation.  The changing seasons can be compared to the times this congregation blossoms, flourishes, produces fruit, has dry spells and then quiet times.  The apple is a symbol of love and beauty, but also is a reminder of the fruit Adam ate in the Garden of Eden and is therefore a symbol of sin and our humanity.  The seed at the bottom is a symbol of new life, resurrection and hope.

     The mission of the tree’s life is to bear fruit.  The mission of the congregation’s life is to spread the good Word.

    It has been said: “Examine a fallen leaf and you will see a tiny picture of the tree that produced it.  The pattern of a tree’s branches closely mimics the veins in its leaves.”  Can the same be said of the members of the congregation?  I think so.

    The dove represents the Holy Spirit.  This translucent dove permeates the tree and re-news it as it does the Church.  The banner proclaims that the Holy Spirit is actively at work in Mount Zion Lutheran Church.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Financial Update - July 2020

Richard Brubacher, Treasurerer and Chair of Finance writes, "Our results for the seven month period ending July 31, 2020 in the Ministry & Mission (Current) account reflect a surplus of $19,583 which is $25,048 better than Plan. 

This is a remarkable achievement considering the shutdown of our facilities resulting in an inability to realize rental revenue. Thank You to our faithful members who continued to support the ministry during this unusual time.  In addition, Thank You to our Federal Government who contributed $20,747 in Emergency Wage Subsidy which has enabled us to support the full complement of staff during this Covid-19 pandemic."  See the full report

An Update from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Lane, who was a placement student here, has accepted the call to St. John’s, Mahone Bay, NS and in shared ministry with Mount Calvary, Upper Northfield, NS. She will be ordained this month on the 22nd.  Let us uphold her in our prayers as she prepares for her new ministry.

A favourite memory of Brooklyn, helping out on Food Truck Nights when she served her first year placment with Mount Zion. 


Tell us what you think

A few weeks ago, you would have received  a survey from our reopening working group in your email. If you haven't filled it in yet, please do so and if you can't find it in your email, pls call Di in the office and she will email or mail you another copy. Council  is interested in how you see the return to our building  The results of the survey will guide council as they make decisions about reopening. 

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Nancy's book delayed at border.

For those of you who have placed orders for Nancy Kelly’s Book, Souls at Risk: we have learned that the order has been delayed at the border but are still expected soon.

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Upcoming events

Aug 16 - Bishop Michael Pryse visit (Zoom)

Oct 22  1 - 3 pm  Fall Book Discussion

Nov 21 5:30 pm Caribbean Christmas Party

Feb 28 2021  Black History Month  Celebrations

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