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Open Sesame Continued

We have had such a fantastic year with Open Sesame. Our son started the year as an only child who hadn’t been able to socialize for a while due to covid, and he’s really bloomed being around all the other kids. We’ve been so appreciative of the way the teachers care for him and have supported his interests in creative ways. We love the crafts, messy experiments, and outdoor time! I feel sad that the year is over but confident that he is now ready to succeed in kindergarten. Thanks, Open Sesame!

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Jana Kelly


Grant loves coming to Open Sesame!

He asks about going everyday. He has made many friends there. We are so glad that we found them this year. We also felt like the safety protocols kept him safe. Thanks!


We are writing this from deep in our hearts.

Our children really love school because of you. Our older child started JK this year and, at least once a week he asks us why he can't go to Open Sesame with his brother. He really enjoyed the time that he spent there in 2019.


Our middle child, who is at Open Sesame now, is a good sleeper; he can sleep until noon if we leave him.  But on days he knows that he has preschool class he wakes up so happy to go, play, laugh, dance and learn with Jana and Sam.  It doesn't matter how much he loves his bed, he always wakes up to go to school with a happy face and a dance.


Both of our children feel loved there and, as parents, that's the most important thing: to know that our little kids are cared for as little treasures. They learned to explore the world and be curious about everything, be gentle and happy people.

We are so happy we chose Open Sesame for the first steps in their school life.


Sending love and the best wishes. We are going to miss you.

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