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News from Mount Zion
May 1, 2020

In Our Prayers

Thinking of those that need prayer among us, let us continue to uphold Emily Dolbeer and Gwen Porter in our prayers, as they recover.  Let us also remember Lynda of Port Elgin, Karen Gastmeier’s sister who is not well, in our prayers.  Amy’s mother has not been keeping well too and let us keep her also in our prayers.  Nurse Christine had a fall earlier this week and injured her shoulder, let us pray for her as she recovers.  We learned this morning that she will be having surgery today (Friday) She writes "My plan is to answer calls, texts, emails as I can over the next couple days and then once I am feeling better, things can go back to normal as much as possible." 

Links and Lessons

Join us Sunday morning and for vesper services when Pastor Philip,  Music Director, Amy and other members of the congregation will hold  services that you can not only watch but be a part of. 

For those of you who wish to read along or prepare in advance:

This Sunday is Good Shepard Sunday, the lessons are: 

      Acts 2:42-47
       Psalm 23
      1 Peter 2:19-25
      John 10:1-10

Zoom Links  



7:00 pm (Sign in ant time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)


This week's music

Prelude: The Lord's My Shepherd

Postlude: Postlude on 'Jesus Christ is Risen Today'

We continue to need your support

In this time of social distancing and virtual church services, Pastor Philip, Di, Christine and Amy are working alongside your church council and Worship and Music to continue to provide opportunities for worship and for the community to gather. While the gatherings are virtual, the ongoing expenses continue to be very real.   

We continue to need your support!  See Five Ways to Donate

Signs of Life in Community Garden

Joan Brunger writes that the Alfred Brunger Community Garden will open officially on May 23. She reports that we have quite a number of new gardeners who have signed up this year including a few from Equitable life who will plan to garden after work. The garden is close to be filled, but if you are interested in becoming a gardener, please email Joan Brunger brungj6@gmail.com

Some of the gardeners are already preparing their plots for planting as they physically distance. They will be following new guidelines and best practices for gardening during COVID 19. The gardeners are expected to self-regulate. However, there are steps to ensure that the rules are followed. 

Worship in the Park, Clay and Confirmation Camp Cancelled

Sadly we have heard from the City of Waterloo that the parks will remain closed and they have cancelled our booking for Worship in the Park.

Confirmation Camp and the the Clay Youth Gathering scheduled for this summer are both cancelled.

Spiritual Companionship in Liminal Times

Pastor Philip shares a thoughtful piece of writing from Richard Rohr           who considers that spiritual companionship is an art many of us are learning to practice these days, but we must be willing to be present to those in need, not just physically (or virtually), but with our whole selves. Read the full article here.

More Music from Amy

One of the advantages of having Zoom services, is that Music Director Amy pre-records her prelude and postludes for the services in advance. She shares last week's music with these links to Mount Zion's new YouTube Channel. Thank you Amy

Prelude: https://youtu.be/ux6p8SH1lxA


Postlude: https://youtu.be/qdSXugWfosA

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