April 17, 2020




 Ode to Joy

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Thank You

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Daily Vespers added to Worship Practice

Pastor Philip writes.....
Easter Sunday was different indeed this year.  The virtual service and the missing pageantry of the day, as also the family dinner tables not being what it used to be, with extended family gathering to celebrate the risen Lord, made it really a strange Easter.  As I noticed, we had 83 in attendance on 52 devices which was a reflection on our hope and anticipation in the midst of this pandemic with pain and death being the lived experience of many these days. Read about New Vesper Services here

Ode to Joy with congregational photos

Here is a gift from Amy. She has mixed the Postlude for our Easter Service (Ode to Joy) along with some congregational photos 

Watch the video here.  https://youtu.be/UBdOKrbTxmI

Thanks Amy

Links and Lessons 

Join us Sunday morning and vesper services when Pastor Philip,  Music Director, Amy and other members of the congregation will hold  services that you can not only watch but be a part of. 

For those of you who wish to read along or prepare in advance:

The lessons for this week are: 

    Acts 2:14a, 22-32

    1 Peter 1:3-9

    GOSPEL: John 20:19-31

Zoom Links

Sunday Morning



7:00 pm (Sign in ant time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)


Susan and Richard Brubacher would like to express their sincere thanks to all who sent us their condolences due to the recent death of Susan’s mother Muriel Stauffer.  Your kindness and friendship is much appreciated.

From Nurse Christine

Here is my homemade video about use of fabric masks during this pandemic.

Dr. Theresa Tam who is the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada suggests that fabric masks should be worn in public settings when physical distancing can be hard to maintain. 

Click the link below to see the demonstration 


Special thanks to Donna Harris and her daughter Lauren for making these masks and helping to deliver them. Special thanks to an anonymous church member for donating supplies and your guidance in how to make these. Contact Christine or the church office at the numbers below to receive a mask.

IN this time of social distancing and virtual church services, Pastor Philip, Di, Christine and Amy are working alongside your church council exec to continue to provide opportunities for worship and for the community to gather. While the gatherings are virtual, the ongoing expenses continue to be very real.


We continue to need your support!

If you would like to borrow a copy of the ELW for use during our Zoom services, give Diana a call weekday mornings and arrange to pick one up.

Contact our Staff


Pastor Philip Mathai                pmathai@mzlc.ca                      c) 519-781-5602

Music Director Amy Di Nino  amy@addmusicwellness.com      905-466-3774

Office Admin. Diana Groffen mtzion@mzlc.ca                            519-886-5820

Nurse Christine Ramseyer     pnchristine@hotmail.com         c) 519-588-8006


Do not hesitate to contact us at our cell phone numbers.

If we are not available we will return your call.

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