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News from Mount Zion
May 15, 2020

In Our Prayers


In our


It is one more week with all the restrictions and being confined to our homes for the most part. Unlike just around two months ago a lot of us are very adept at ‘zooming’ and ‘skyping’ and so on now, virtual space is where most of us meet and connect and find community!

Let us continue to remember those we have been upholding in our prayers, Emily, Gwen, Christine, Lynda, Margaret, Willi and David.  Hermine writes that Willi is back home and recovering now.  Also remember our staff;  Di who is holding things down at the office and being the contact person for the congregation, Christine in spite of her recuperating willing to go around and be there for others, and Amy as she gives leadership to our music and worship ministries and making possible the smooth flow of our services.  Let us also remember our congregational leadership during these trying times. Pastor Philip

Canada Lutherean.jpg

Front Page News

We were excited to see that Nurse Chistine was featured in the April May 2020  edition of the Canada Lutheran where journalist Geoff Kirbyson takes a  look into the lives of three parish nurses from Ontario and Saskatchewan. He touches on the daily routines, activities and congregational involvement, as well as the financial barriers/restrictions that these women continue to deal with. He paints a picture of how important the role of  Parish Nursing is to congregational members. Something we have known for a long time. Unfortunately there is not a link available for the whole story, but we will try to share copies. You can see part of the article here

Links and Lessons


For May 17


Readings and Psalms

Acts 17:22-31
Psalm 66:8-20
1 Peter 3:13-22
John 14:15-21

PRELUDE: How Many Are Thy Works,
O God - Haydn


POSTLUDE: I Sing the Mighty Power
of God
(Traditional English Melody/Ellacombe)

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IMG_2146 (1).JPG


ways to


click here

Our virtual Sunday worship and daily vespers have been well received.  It is good to see where we are in worship participation, taking time to connect with one another and support one another.  There is wider participation in worship leadership and children’s sermons on Sundays, and folks volunteer to lead reflection time during vespers. 

We are proud of providing this new way to worship and are stronger for it. If you do join in, you will be glad you did …. and don’t be afraid to invite a friend. Every week we include a Children's Sermon.

Zoom Links  

SUNDAY 10 am (Sign in any time after 9:30 am)

Meeting ID: 741 745 428  Password: 128324


VESPERS 7:00 pm (Sign in any time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)

Meeting ID: 826 4408 7778


Men's Breakfast

Now we have regular meetings of those that attended Men’s Breakfast, meeting every Wednesdays virtually.  Too bad we cannot have breakfast together!

Join Zoom Meeting 9:00 a.m. Wednesdays

More about Amy

You know that she is in the church Sunday mornings running things behind the scenes but many of you probably have not had the opportunity to meet our new Director of Music, Amy DiNino. She had only begun her ministry here on March 1, just days before the world changed. While it is not the same has shaking hands in person, Amy has provided us with a virtual handshake. Read it here.

Amy reminds you that you can hear any of the prerecorded preludes and postludes on our You Tube clicking on red icon on the top left of this page.

The Life of Pastor Vernon Cronmiller featured in The Record

Many of you will fondly remember Pastor Vernon Cronmiller. His life was featured in "Lifetimes" in The Waterloo Region Record this week.

Read the article here.

Property Updates

If you passed by the church last week you may have witnessed a few unusual things.  There has been an array of contractor vehicles in the parking lot.  So what’s going on?  The property committee has been challenged to meet some emergency needs which arose more quickly than anticipated. Read more:

Di's Pick

It seems that every week when we gather to discuss the newsletter, one of us has read something that we would like to share. This week Di was particularly taken with a true "Lord of the Flies" story. She says it renewed her faith in humanity. Pour a cup of coffee and read Di's pick here.


Choral Scholar, Kristinia Twilt completed her training as a volunteer in the Teen Help Phone program.

Evelyn Jyrkama wrote a letter to the Editor of the Waterloo Region Reecord. If you missed it you can read it here.

Here the links to the music from last Sunday 




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