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Dec 4, 2020

Confirmation thoughts


Nyah Marshall surrounded by her family ...Rosalind Marshall and grandparents of Douglas and Rosalie Eidt.

Last Sunday was special for the congregation in celebrating Nyah Marshall‘s Affirmation of Baptism.  Nyah shared her confirmation verse and some thoughts, given below, with the congregation at that time.  Blessings on her as she continues her journey of faith.

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

During my journey through life and my journey with faith, I think this verse gives a promise that God will guide me not only through the darkness of my hardest times but through times of joy and celebration.  I chose this verse because it gives me a feeling of comfort knowing that while God brightens my path, he is also guarding me on my journey through life, and warning me of the dangers down the road.  Throughout the rest of my life as I continue to strengthen my relationship with God and increase my practice of faith in every aspect f my life, I will use the word of God as an inextinguishable lamp that directs me down the right path.  The gleaming light of God’s word will dismiss the gloom that comes with all my uncertainties, and will shed light on my next steps down the path of life. This verse inspires me to use God’s word as a light of truth to influence how I grow and find my purpose, as well as fortifying my faith.  I will use this verse as a daily reminder that the word of God will guide me over the course of life and influence my thinking as a way of encouragement on how to live the way the Lord wants me to live, and find what I’m meant to do in life.

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Why we do the things we do

Lighting the Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath is one of those symbols that is widely used in most western litugical churches but was popularized by Lutherans from Northern Europe and, in particular, Germany. Advent comes from the Latin word “adventus” which means arrival or coming. The use of the wreath seems to have begun first, as a pagan symbol representing the wheel of the earth turning towards the sun in the dark days of winter. Christians adopted the idea with the interpretation that the circular shape of the wreath represents the eternal nature of God. The circle is made with evergreens such as yew, fir, laurel or holly. These symbolize the life that is found in Christ.

Most often, the wreath has five candles – three purple and one pink spaced equally around a central white one. Recently, we have been using four blue candles which distinguishes the season from Lent. The first candle is lit on the first Sunday and represents Hope. The second, lit on the second Sunday represents Love. The third which was pink and still is in some churches represents Joy. The fourth candle representing Peace is lit on the fourth Sunday. The fifth candle is white and usually called the Christ candle. It represents the light of Christ coming into the world.  Tim Ehrlich Reprinted from "The Mountaineer" Dec. 2019

Join us for Mid Week Advent Vespers

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This Week's Lessons    

Advent is that time of the year when we expectantly wait for and prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of the long expected one little over 2000 years ago and also to prepare ourselves for the return of Christ.  

Mid-week Advent Vespers will be held
on Wednesday December  9, 16 and 23, 7pm, on Zoom. 
As we normally do, we will use the Holden Evening Prayer.  We will use the same link that is used for vespers. (see links below)

The Season of Advent

The readings for Sunday are

Isaiah 40:1-11

2 Peter 3:8-15a

Mark 1:1-8

Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13

Jesus came to John the Baptist by Richard Hubal

Thank you for Your Support

November Financials

Our results for the eleven month period ending November 30 in the Ministry & Mission account reflect a surplus of $6,007 which is $29,054 better than plan. Revenue is $12,532 less than plan however expenses are lower by $41,586.  This is an excellent achievement considering the shutdown of our facilities resulting in an inability to realize facility rental revenue. Thank You  for your faithful financial support for the ministry during this unusual time, and additional thanks to our Federal Government who contributed $20,747 in Emergency Wage Subsidy which has enabled us to support the full complement of staff during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the impact of the pandemic which has interrupted our ability to be together in person, the ministry has continued. Your faithful financial support, coupled with the government’s wage subsidy, has enabled us to achieve a positive financial result to date. 

As we approach the conclusion of 2020, your usual extra financial commitments at year end will enable us to continue on a solid financial footing to enter the New Year.  We expect to face continuing challenges well into 2021 which will require your continued financial support.   

See the full report    Richard Brubacher - Treasurer

In our


In Our Prayers

Let us continue to remember Margaret, David, Rosalie, Marjorie, Barb, Peter, George and Wilhelmina in our prayers, for wholeness and relief. Barb Barnes who had a hip replacement is now home and recuperating. Let us also uphold our church leadership, Bishops Susan and Michael and our national and synod staff this week in our prayers. Pray also for those places in our country that have been overwhelmed by the rising number of Covid19 cases and for a speedy development of an effective vaccine.

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Continuing life in a pandemic

...regarding box dinners:

A very huge and heartfelt thank you to Pastor Phillip, members of Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, and members of the Caribbean community for their tremendous support of our holiday boxed dinners. In finding new ways to continue traditions we're faced with challenges, trials and errors. We continue learning about changes that need to be made for things to go smoothly, in times like these. Again, we are extremely grateful to everyone for your patience and support. Lastly, we want to extend our sincerest apologies to those who experienced exceptionally long wait times. Blessing for good health, and know that we're all in this together.


Warm regards, 

Essy (Mrs. Bell) and Chef Winston

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