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July 30, 2021

More about Reopening

Council continued to discuss reopening plans at a meeting last Thursday night.  We continue to review the vision for our reopening.  

What we know is that we all want the reopening to happen as soon as it possible to assure that it safe for everyone and we won’t have to close again a few weeks later. What we don’t know is the dates that could happen. We continue to monitor and have decided that rather than predicting the dates, we will give members a two-week “heads up” announcement regarding the start of in person worship.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist using the headache illustration.)

Karen Gastmeier, President, Church Council

Orange Shirt Orders Cancelled

Unfortunately we will not be able to purchase the Orange Shirts we have been advertising for the last month.
The Woodland Cultural Centre, from whom the Two Rivers Ministry area was buying the shirts explained that there is a national shortage of orange shirts, and they are no longer accepting bulk orders of orange shirts and hoodies. They apologize for these unfortunate circumstances and thank people for their overwhelming support!”

Robb Wilson, recipient of the Companion of the Worship Arts Award

Pastor Philip reported on this in a recent newsletter but it bares repeating here. Pastor Philip wrote that the highlight of the National Worship Conference was Robb Wilson being the Lutheran recipient of the Companion of the Worship Arts, in recognition of significant contribution at the national, synodical, and congregational level to the worship life of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. The honour is conferred triennially at the National Worship Conference to one Anglican and one Lutheran recipient. Rev. Dr. Ed Riegert received the award in 2004.  Thanks Robb for sharing your gifts and passion with us at Mount Zion and the larger church. Congratulations on this honour bestowed on you.

Upcoming Readings

Readings for Aug 1
Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15
Psalm 78:23-29 (24, 25)
Ephesians 4:1-16
John 6:24-35

Readings for Aug 8 
1 Kings 19:4-8
Psalm 34:1-8 (8)
Ephesians 4:25—5:2
John 6:35, 41-51

Worship Notes

Our next Zoom service will be on Aug 22

You bought what?


I had come up with a recent idea of a business to start that would provide summer employment for my daughters for many years.  It all started quite quickly with a purchase of a new food trailer that had my husband saying “you bought what?”  I think he was hoping he had heard me incorrectly.


 For quite some time both of my daughters were wanting to have part time jobs with full time hours in the summer. COVID had me hesitant to send them out working in the public.  I wanted them to stay well but also wanted to limit my possible exposure to the virus so that I could best serve those congregation members from Mount Zion who needed my help, in the safest way possible.


We feel so unbelievably grateful that we are now double vaccinated and although we remain very cautious and continue to follow public health’s recommendations, the time had come to allow the girls to work.


So, I bought a food trailer. A random quick purchase off Facebook marketplace, which is like an online buy and sell for local communities. Purchased quickly by only seeing pictures online and having a phone conversation with the owner, due to the great interest in the trailer by many others. What sealed the deal you might ask?  Well, he was willing to deliver it to my driveway. I like to be pretty independent but I wasn’t sure that towing my first trailer down the 401 was the best idea!  Safety first, right?


A month ago the trailer arrived.  It was purchased brand new in the fall by the seller who is a chef. He had it designed to be his catering trailer for serving food, meaning no cooking appliances on the trailer.  This was perfect for ice cream and other cold treats.  It was essentially ready to go with some appliances to be added in and permits required. I underestimated the time it would take to obtain permits and work with the lawyer to set up the business. This was a new lesson in patience for me.


I have a talented brother who could make my trailer signs and design the concept. I managed to find hard to find appliances and other short supply items.  One of the easiest steps was the public health inspection. I wish all steps went that easily!


As of writing this we have been open for 5 days and have felt great support from our local community. The plan is for my daughter’s to fully run things with me being a support as needed. We are partway there.


Everyone loves going out for an ice cream or other cold treat. My daughter’s have come to realize that almost everyone is pleasant and happy when they come to get ice cream. It has been a very positive experience.  It has also been a great way to provide a full time summer job to my daughters in a very COVID safe way.


The business was named after my sweet gramma Swartzentruber.  In her last 10 years or so of life she would say “that tastes so moreish” or “that is moreish” when eating something that someone else had made that she thought was particularly delicious.  Her meaning behind the use of the word was that she thought it was delicious and you could easily eat or drink more of it.  Gramma has been gone 10 years now and we would occasionally use the term in memory of her, never knowing it was an actual word. We thought it was something gramma made up and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was an actual word when trying to come up with a business name.  So I named the business “Tastes Moreish to Me” but use the name “Moreish” for a shortened name on the trailer.  What an adventure this past month has been!

Christine Ramseyer, Parish Nurse


ed's note: You can find Morish at Sobey’s plaza New Hamburg, 100 Mill St New Hamburg ( which is an extension of Peel St.) 7 days a week. Noon to 9pm

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