In our prayers, continued

Emily D and Gwen Porter, who live at Forest Heights Long Term Care, have tested positive for the virus, Melissa D and Brian Porter has requested that we uphold them in our prayers.

Lorraine Munn, a charter member of Mount Zion, passed away on Easter Sunday at Forest Heights, due to cardiac failure.  Family is making funeral arrangements for some time later.  Let us uphold the family in our prayers as they go through this time of grief and loss.  During my visits I found Lorraine to be a very pleasant person who without hesitation welcomed me into her space.

Let us also hold in our prayers those that have been impacted by the violence that was unleashed in Nova Scotia, that there would be healing and comfort in the midst of this senseless action.

From Nurse Christine

Take advantage of those companies who offer delivery right to your door. Ruth Heuhn recently told me about a company called Refuel Mobile. If you need gas for your car, they will come right to your driveway or place of work and fill up your vehicle. have tried it several times myself and I can confidently recommend them.

There is an app that you can download if you have a smart phone. Otherwise they will take phone calls or emails for placing orders and questions. You just select the day and block of time that you want them to come and make sure that your gas flap is open when they arrive. You can give your credit card number ahead of time to alleviate any contact with the person filling your tank. They charge a bit more per litre but it is still quite reasonable. I recently had two vehicles filled and it only cost me $2 more than if I had taken them to the self-serve gas station in New Hamburg. They deliver to Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge Elmira, Mannheim, New Hamburg as well as all of the areas in between.

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