Meet Amy

Before I started at Mount Zion, Karen had asked me to share a little bit about myself for our newsletter, and I promptly forgot. And then the world changed. Here we are today, and I have been providing music for nine Sunday's - of which only three have been live, together in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. First and foremost, that is what I am most excited about - balancing that out whenever we are permitted to be back together!


When I am not in my role at Mount Zion, I operate my own music psychotherapy private practice, Connecting In Rhythm, where I provide clinical sessions at my office in Cambridge or on site at several addiction facilities. Additionally, CIR has a team of music therapists who provide clinical services in the southern Ontario area, to a variety of populations including; neurodiverse children, NICU, deafblind individuals, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer's/dementia, palliative, oncology and various neurologic conditions (Parkinson's, stroke, TBI).


I'm also the conductor of the Grand River Voices based in Kitchener, and the drummer of Cootes Paradise, an original blues/R&B based out of Dundas, ON. I enjoy travelling, reading and gardening when I'm not musicking!




Property Updates

If you passed by the church last week you may have witnessed a few unusual things.  There has been an array of contractor vehicles in the parking lot.  So what’s going on?  The property committee has been challenged to meet some emergency needs which arose more quickly than anticipated.


Church Roof

With a recent modest rainfall, we became aware of a significant amount of leakage in our sanctuary space.  While we have been dealing with this “occasional” issue with patches to our green roof, it now appears that more than patches are required.  We will be seeking quotes to replace the roof this year.   This will be a major expenditure significantly greater than our $50,000 of capital funds currently available.  Stay tuned for further updates as quotes are received.


Church Furnaces 

During the annual inspection of our furnaces in the new building it was determined that the heat exchangers were deteriorated to such a degree that the inspector requested the furnaces to be shutdown.  This was to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide leakage and a repair or replacement was required.  As both furnaces are vintage 1984, a decision was made to replace the units. This was completed this week at a cost of $7,000.  Property was aware that a replacement would soon be necessary, and it was included in this year’s budget.


235 Dawson St. – Rental property

Work has started on the upgrade to our rental property at 235 Dawson Street.  Our tenant vacated as planned at the end of January, and a new roof has now been completed in April.  The next major action is interior work to ceilings and insulation removal & replacement, with new windows ordered for mid- June.  Plans call for completion of the upgrades by late 2020. 


Peace Garden Landscaping – We acknowledged that the thistles won the war, having crept over most of the garden. Over the summer, the garden (in front of Open Sesame windows) will be refurbished. A new arrangement of low growing evergreens and river rock will be refreshing and maintenance free. The Peace Pole will remain. This project was included in the 2020 budget.

new roof 1.jpg