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March 26, 2021

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Holy Week Begins

It is that time of the year again that pastors are all stressed and just praying that we get through the week and able to provide as meaningful a week as possible to the faithful.  Yes we are almost into Holy Week, the highpoint of this yearly drama that we participate in as the church, when we commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, before moving on to the ordinary time of the church calendar, after the season of Easter and Pentecost.  This is an intense week focusing on the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, though one could ask which triumphant king would enter any place sitting on a donkey, followed by the betrayal and abandonment by his friends and being put to death by the powers that be.  But the story did not end there, in three days life triumphed and not the forces of death and evil, and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

The very purpose of the coming of God in flesh through the person of Jesus Christ was to give flesh to the love of God and we are mandated, the word ‘maundy’ in Maundy Thursday has its root in the same word as mandate, to love one another just as God loved us, serving each other and giving of ourselves to the other.

As I mentioned earlier, no one would imagine a king making an entry as Jesus did on a donkey, with branches and leaves being waved in place of swords and spears.  We too talk of Palm Sunday as a celebration forgetting that the word ‘hosanna’ is more of a plea, it means ‘save us’! What gives meaning and a celebratory air to the observation is what was to come later in the coming week, how the cross, that was in the horizon, would reflect the glory and majesty of a loving God who embraces us in our pains and struggles, in our being broken and marginalized, in our being brought to that recognition that it is only in being embraced by God’s love that we find meaning and dignity.

So, as we enter Holy Week let us truly reflect what this week means, how much we need God whether it be in the midst of the pandemic, or the struggles for justice, or our own struggles with our demons, put those to at the foot of the cross, assured of Easter and new life that is ours in Christ. Pastor Philip

A Different Kind of Holy Week

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Be sure to pick your branches from the church office

As Lent draws to a close, we anticipate the holiest week of the year. Again this year, we will celebrate it at home. It is not the first time in history that celebrations have been disrupted.  And while we may lament the absence of our friends as we wave palm branches, have our hands and feet washed, experience the somberness of Good Friday’s service, and the joy of the Easter celebration, Holy Week will still be that most meaningful week of the Christian calendar. This year we will be sharing resources prepared by the Two Rivers Ministry Area and the Synod.

Palm Sunday  Pick up a branch at the Church office

We begin this Sunday with Palm/Passion Sunday.  We will worship using the Zoom platform as we find it more intimate and personal.  Palm branches are available at the church office.  Please pick up a branch and prepare for Holy Week by reading Mark 11:1-11 the gospel story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. The Sunday School children have also prepared a skit for the service.

Maundy Thursday 7 pm on Zoom using the usual link 

Good Friday The service will be held on Zoom 10 am 

Easter Sunday 10 am - Live Stream

Upcoming Lessons    

March 28, Palm Sunday

Mark 11:1-11

April 4 Easter

Mark 16:1-8


Hello & Goodbye

This week we welcome Margaret Waechter as Mount Zion’s new office administrator. For many of you, Margaret doesn’t need an introduction as she is a long-time member, who at times has sung in the choir and acted as Assistant Minister. She brings with her years of experience in office management. She will begin her duties with three days of training with Di. We are truly excited to have her as part of our team. Welcome Margaret.
Sadly that also means that we will be saying goodbye to Di, who will be leaving us in order to free her schedule for some retirement activities. She will be missed and we thank her for living through this very strange year with us. We wish her well with her future plans.


Christine's Vaccination Appointment Update 

There continues to be confusion and frustration with the process to get an appointment for the COVID vaccine.  It is extremely challenging to get through by phone to the health unit.  At times the online pre-registration/registration does not work.  What seems to work the best is to be pre-registered with the online link to register arriving by email rather then choosing a phone call. From what I have heard, the biggest challenge is getting the appointment. Once you arrive for your vaccine, things go quite efficiently and quickly.  There have been many who have told me of how well it had gone.

As of Wednesday evening, there seemed to be more spots added online as I was able to assist some congregation members to get their appointments for this weekend.  This is much quicker then those I had booked previously. Most people are interested in the type of vaccine being given and what the plan is for their second dose.  What I have experienced so far is that everyone I know has had the Pfizer vaccine and at present, they are pre-booking second doses at the time you receive your first dose. Currently they are booking into July for second doses.

I am happy to help with any steps of the process so please do reach out by phone or email if I can help.  Please continue to follow the COVID recommendations made by public health.  Many are getting weary of this challenging time but it is so important that we continue. We are into a third wave but this time the virus is more contagious due to variants of the virus that are increasing in numbers.  Let’s head into the next few months with careful caution so that perhaps we can enjoy some small get togethers this summer.  The vaccine is giving many hope. I feel great joy every time I hear someone has an appointment booked or has received their first dose.  I look forward to the day when everyone has had both doses of their vaccine.  Call or email if I can help.

Christine     519-588-8006 or

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SHOW (Supportive Housing of Waterloo) Adopt-a-Cause

Thank you, Mount Zion, for your response so far to our appeal for funds to help SHOW renovate their new supportive housing units for seniors at 144 Erb Street West.

Our gifts in March so far amount to $1,185.00--a very good start towards our goal of at least $5,000 before the end of May.

Did you know that . . .

  • It takes over $100,000 a year to care for each neighbour who lives on the street?

  • It takes $21,000-$22,000 a year to care for each neighbour who lives in supportive housing?

  • Housing is a basic human right, and that no matter who we are and what kind of challenges we face, having a home makes a big difference in our health and wellbeing?

  • SHOW receives $430,000 in funding annually from the Region of Waterloo and needs gifts from people like us to make up the balance of their $1,000,000 annual budget? 

Donating is easy, even during the pandemic. Make your donation to ‘Mount Zion Lutheran Church’ indicating on your envelope that your gift is for ‘SHOW’. Donations can also be made through Electronic Funds Transfer, dropping an envelope in the church mailbox, or mail, or by clicking the Donate Now button on the top right corner of our website at Be sure to designate your gift to SHOW.

In Our Prayers

Let us pray for all who are sick, distressed, or grieving, especially for Margaret, David, Rosalie, Marjorie, Barb, George, Betty, Delfina, Jake, Bill Taylor and Julian, Arlene’s son, that they would experience wholeness and peace.  Let us also pray for Brazil and Italy and other places where there is an upsurge of COVID-19 that they would experience healing. For Myanmar and wherever tyranny rules that human rights be restored.

Book Study

Our Health Council wants to remind you about the upcoming Book Study on Inside the O'Briens that will be held on Thursday, April 22, 1:30-3:00 pm. It is now scheduled to be held on Zoom. We ask that everyone please register and to click here to do so. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Slethaug.

Photos of your home Communion

In our last newsletter we asked for photos of your home Communion. Happily many of you responded and shared. While they are all different, they are all similar in the effort that people put into making communion meaningful. 


Brian Zinken

Henriette and Jake communion.jpeg

Henriette and Jake Stumper

Stephanie Communion.jpg

Stephanie Von Schilling

heimbecker communion.jpg

Gloria and Richard Heimbecker


Richard and Susan Brubacher

March 27 Circle for Reconciliation & Justice Webinar

Webinar hosted by the Circle for Reconciliation and Justice of the Eastern Synod and the Centre for Public Ethics at Martin Luther University College:

What has COVID-19 taught us about the determinants of health for First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities and how are we called to respond?

Date:  Saturday March 27, 2021

Time:  10:00 – 11:45 am Eastern

In this event we explore our call to walk with justice, mercy and humility in our relationships with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. 

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle. 

The link is

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Upcoming events

ongoing...Zoom Cafe, Wed 10 am

March 21 Special guest Pastor Adam Snook

April 22, 1:30 - 3 pm  Spring Book Discussion - Inside the O'Briens

                                      on Zoom

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