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Nov 20, 2020

Pick up your Caribbean Christmas Dinner starting at 4:30 - 6:30 pm at Dawson St. entrance this Saturday (Nov 21)

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In-Person Services Suspended due to Orange Alert Status in Waterloo Region

As the region moved into an Orange Alert Stage, Mount Zion’s church council met and made the decision to suspend In Person worship immediately and for the foreseeable future.

With the number of local cases climbing, we felt a review of our practices was in order. The decision to suspend was not taken lightly. We considered that some news sources are projecting that the Region will move to a Red Alert Stage soon, in which case we will have to suspend in-person services.  

But more importantly, In-Person services rely heavily on volunteers acting as ushers and welcomers and we recognized some of them are uneasy. We are concerned for their safety.

We will continue to live-stream the services on You Tube with a smaller group of volunteers. The Zoom pre- gathering will still be available. (Sign in instructions for both the service and the Zoom Gathering are at the bottom of this newsletter)  

The office will continue to be open Tuesday to Friday mornings but the rest of the building will remain closed.

We will continue to reassess as new information becomes available. Karen Gastmeier on behalf of Church Council

We are nearly there! 

Thank you to the members of who have so generously and quickly responded to our Capital Campaign. Faith in Action: Beyond 2020. Our green and patched roof will soon be a part of history.

We are nearly there, to date you have generously donated $69,296 of the $75,000 goal. $2,285 of that amount has been donated since the end of October. If you have not yet made your donation, there is still time to be a part of Faith in Action: Beyond 2020. 2021 is coming with the promise of a return to the full use of our building. We hope to include a retouched photo of our builidng with the proposed new shingle colour.

Liturgy Bite

Christ the King Sunday

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Christ the King Sunday as it is known today actually was first observed under that name in 1925 when it was established by Pope Pius XI. Previously, it was called the Feast of Ascension and in his writings in the early fifth century, St. Augustine speaks in a way that suggests it was a universal observance of the Church long before his time. Originally, it was celebrated on the last Sunday of October but in 1969 Pope Paul VI moved it to the last Sunday of Ordinary Time (just preceding Advent) where it made a fitting end to the liturgical year.

As the Feast of Ascension, it commemorated the bodily ascension of Christ into heaven and since becoming Christ the King Sunday honours Jesus Christ as lord over all creation. It is an ecumenical festival which means it is universally celebrated across all denominations although a few refer to in the non-gendered form of the Reign of Christ. In importance it is considered on the same order as the Passion and Pentecost. One of the early customs included a 24 hour vigil which is no longer widely observed (to the relief of some of us I’m sure). The oldest known German hymn related to the Ascension is “Christ Fuhr gen Himmel (Christ rose to Heaven)” from 1480.

Tim Ehrlich

This Week's Lessons

The Season of Pentecost

The readings for Sunday are

Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24

Psalm 95:1-7a

Ephesians 1:15-23

Matthew 25:31-46


In our Prayers

In Our Prayers

Let us continue to remember Margaret, David, Rosalie, Marjorie, Barb, George and Wilhelmina in our prayers, for wholeness and relief. Barb had a fall and is recuperating after having a hip replacement. Let us also continue to remember Mary, Simon, Andrew and Alan and their families at the death of Carl that God’s peace and comfort would be real. Let us also pray for our leaders as they make critical decisions to control the spread of Covid19, for all those who are lonely and alone during these days.    

Natasha Geeregat   

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Meet Natasha

Hamlet - a small settlement, generally one smaller than a village.

Hamlet - also a small settlement that our new Mount Zion student employee, Natasha Geeregat, calls home! 

It is a pleasure to welcome Natasha into our church family. She is a current Laurier psychology student, having previously completed coursework in the music program. Natasha shares that she is drawn to issues relating to social justice, including homelessness and addictions/recovery, in addition to mental health and LGBTQ specialization.

 Life in Waterloo is very different from the slighter cooler tundra Natasha lived in until grade 12. Growing up in south western Manitoba in a small settlement with a population of “250 people, maybe 300 on a good year”, Natasha mentioned that her residence building had more people than her entire town! When she’s not studying, Natasha has recently begun painting and will sometimes break out her guitar for a jam session. She’s also trying to learn how to roller-skate another thing that emphasis why her friends always remind her she’s a child in an adult body! 

 Natasha will be a part of our tech team on Sunday mornings as well as supporting other in-person and online programs at Mount Zion. A warm welcome, Natasha, we are thrilled to have you with us!             Amy Dino

Natasha comes to us through a Canada Summer Jobs Grant from the Government of Canada. 


Gifts from the Heart Catalogue

Mount Zion's service committee reminds us that the Gifts from the Heart catalogue is available online   at https://clwr.donorshops.com

The Gifts from the Heart catalogue is full of thoughtful and creative gifts that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.  Plus, each time you buy a Gift from the Heart, we’ll send you a beautiful card that you can give to your friends and family, letting them know about the special gifts you chose for them. 

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Worship at Mount Zion

Service begins at 10   You are invited to:

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  • YouTube

Attend in Person. SUSPENDED....


Click this YouTube logo to be a part of the service from home.


Click on this  Zoom logo to be a part of a 15 minute chat prior to the service. You will be directed to the service

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Links to Other Opportunities to worship, study or socialize

VESPERS    7:00 pm Monday - Thursday evenings
(Sign in any time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)


Meeting ID: 949 5166 9774

MEN'S BREAKFAST   9:00 a.m. Thursday

Meeting ID: 914 3461 2188

MOUNT ZION ZOOM CAFE  10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays


Meeting ID: 991 4566 6538

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Upcoming events

ongoing...Zoom Cafe, Wed 10 am

Nov 21 5:30 pm Caribbean Christmas Takeout Dinner

Feb 28 2021  Black History Month  Celebrations

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