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Nov 27, 2020

An Opportunity to Help our Neighbours 

The Christmas Season is approaching and at no time has our Food Card Ministry been more important to our community. We don’t know the stories of the recipients, but we do know the cards are very appreciated. This pandemic has been extremely hard on those who struggle with poverty, please consider donating to our voucher fund.


This Sunday

This Sunday will be special as we will celebrate Nyah Marshall’s Affirmation of Baptism.  It will be different without the congregation being physical present, but this is an important event in her life of faith.  In affirming her faith she is taking on the responsibilities that her parents, sponsors, family and the faith community took on her behalf and continuing her journey as a child of God. Nyah is the daughter of Rosalind and Adrian Marshall and granddaughter of Douglas and Rosalie Eidt. Congratulations to Nyah and blessings as she crosses this important milestone.

Caribbean Christmas Dinner a success in working together

This past weekend, I was fortunate to be witness to the time and great effort put into the latest event to occur at Mount Zion, the Caribbean community Christmas dinner.  It has been a long time since the kitchen has seen that much activity and what a welcome sight it was, mid-pandemic. The sense of community, working together and socializing was wonderful to experience. Mrs. Bell lead the team which included her friend, chef Winston as well as a long list of volunteers. Preparations were made for many days leading up to the event.  A group gathered Friday evening to prep some of the food. Mrs. Bell told me she was up at 4am Saturday morning and started her day at the market to purchase the remaining food items.  The expression, “many hands make light work” held true for what I witnessed on Saturday as volunteers showed up and started into their tasks.  Everyone worked so well together, that it was clear to me that they had experience working together in the past.  It was interesting to see the amount of work and steps involved in making take out meals for over 120 people.  It was an enjoyable day helping and watching this meal be made. 
Christine Ramseyer

This Week's Lessons    

The Season of Advent

The readings for Sunday are

Mid Week Advent Services Begin

Advent is that time of the year when we expectantly wait for and prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of the long expected one little over 2000 years ago and also to prepare ourselves for the return of Christ.  Our lectionary readings during Advent reflect this.  Many of us may think as to what the apocalyptic readings on Advent 1 is doing where it is. Advent is not only looking to the past but also looking forward to what is to come, not just at the end of time but also how God comes, in time, to transform the world, as Mary sang!

Mid-week Advent Services will be held
on Wednesday December 2, 9, 16 and 23, 7pm, on Zoom. 
As we normally do, we will use the Holden Evening Prayer.  We will use the same link that is used for vespers. 

In our


In Our Prayers

Let us continue to remember Margaret, David, Rosalie, Marjorie, Barb, Peter, George and Wilhelmina in our prayers, for wholeness and relief. Peter is the brother of Peggy Nickels.  Let us uphold Nyah in our prayers as she affirms her baptism this Sunday and continues her faith journey.

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Stay Connected with Nurse Christine

For the past 8 weeks, each Wednesday morning Christine has welcomed congregation members and friends of Mount Zion to join in for zoom cafe. It is a casual hour and a half of conversation with people joining in as they can and leaving when they need to. This past week 11 people attended and it is a great way to socialize and stay connected when we can’t gather together in person. It is a time of conversation, sharing of ideas and resources and supporting each other during isolating times. Zoom cafe will continue weekly from 10 - 11:30am on Wednesdays with the last week for 2020 being December 16th. It will resume weekly again starting in January. All are welcome!


If you care about the
Conservation of the Grand River

We talk about the Grand River every Sunday morning in our Acknowledgement of Territory. We have hosted lectures and participated in a series of Lenten Services about the Grand. If you are concerned with the Ontario Government's plan to undermine the mandate of Ontario's Conservation Authorities, please consider calling or writing to your MPP, or sending a letter through the link below.” 

Go to and click on “Don’t gut our Conservation Authorities”.  The right-hand panel is headed “TAKE ACTION” . If you click on Show/Hide below “Phone” you see the text of a letter, and can put additional comments in the box below.  Fill in the contact information boxes and click SEND A LETTER.

Natasha Geeregat   

Weekly Wellness

Hi folks, welcome to Weekly Wellness! In this section I’d like to explore mental health and wellness. I intend to share some new practices, encourage intentional reflection, and start discussions! I’ll also end each piece with a small call to action for the week.

For this first week I thought we could start with some basics. What does mental wellness mean for you? Self reflection can be an important tool in our mental health journeys, as recognition is the first step to action. What comes to mind when thinking about the following questions? Feel free to do these at your own pace and don’t try to force reflection if it isn’t coming to you. Reflection is a skill that benefits from practise like any other. Try focusing on one question a day, or whatever feels manageable.

What do you look like when you are feeling well?

Ex/ What kind of activities do you enjoy? What is your overall personality –       talkative, bubbly, reserved, energetic, etc?

What do you look like when you are feeling unwell? What helps when you are feeling this way?

Ex/ Do you struggle with certain activities like hygiene, cooking, or being social? What emotions do you notice?

Ex/ Talking to a friend or family member, being active, artistic outlets, sticking to a routine, or journaling?

A few last questions to ponder – Is self-reflection something that comes easy for you? Do you see value in reflecting? Why or why not?

CALL TO ACTION – Let’s give ourselves a boost! Do one activity this week you recognized as helping when you feel unwell.   - Natasha Geeregat

Natasha comes to us through a Canada Summer Jobs Grant from the Government of Canada. 

Sunday Worship at Mount Zion

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