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In our Prayers


News from Mount Zion
Oct 23, 2020

Celebrating Reformation and Confirmation

This Sunday we will celebrate both Reformation and Confirmation. Pastor Philip reminds us that "during this Reformation we are once again being reminded of the continuing movements of the Spirit bringing about changes that ushers in the kingdom in our midst.  Reformation is not just a past event it is happening now and ought to be a permanent mark of who we are as people of God.  Our challenge is to be sensitive to these movements and be open to the guidance of the Spirit." Pastor Philip wonders what ticked off Luther  Read more    

Mount Zion's choir will be joined by members of St Matthew's choir in a joint recording which will be used by both congregations celebrating Reformation Sunday.

This Sunday will be special as we will celebrate Nyah Marshall’s Affirmation of Baptism.  It would be different with the distanced in-person services we now have, but this is an important event in her life of faith.  In affirming her faith she is taking on the responsibilities that her parents, sponsors, family and the faith community took on her behalf and continuing her journey as a child of God. Nyah is the daughter of Rosalind and Adrian Marshall and granddaughter of Douglas and Rosalie Eidt.  Congratulations to Nyah and blessings as she crosses this important milestone.

We will celebrate All Saints Sunday on November 1 and remember those dear ones that have died in the past year as also others. 

For those who choose to attend in-person worship, please remind the person who checks you in whether you are coming the next week or please call the office and let Di know whether you plan to come the next Sunday.

This Week's Lessons

The Season of Pentecost

The readings for Sunday are

FIRST READING: Jeremiah 31:31-34

SECOND READING: Romans 3:19-28

PSALM: Psalm 46

GOSPEL: John 8:31-36

News from Open Sesame

Open Sesame has been open for just over a month now and the children are thriving.  We have a wonderful group of 2 and 3 year old boys who arrive every morning with great enthusiasm.  To be sure, this is an unusual year and we have learned to be flexible, adaptable and patient. Our routines have changed considerably.  All children and their parents need to be screened everyday for symptoms of COVID-19 and we have enhanced cleaning protocols to meet public health standards. 

We are constantly learning new ways to connect with children from behind a mask and shield.  Parents are not currently permitted in the building or on the playground so we are finding alternate ways of establishing relationships with our families such as the use of a private Instagram page for sharing photographs and putting artwork in the windows so parents can see their children's creations from a safe distance. 

We are very fortunate to have a safe and engaging outdoor play space and we are using it regularly.  We know that we can lessen the risk of virus transmission when we're outdoors so we are making the most of it, spending over an hour in the playground each day. 

In these early days of fall, the children have loved to see the changing colours of the leaves on the beautiful trees that surround the playground.  


As I write this, the teachers are helping the children roast pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin they cut open together.  They are buzzing with excitement as they start to smell the toasty smell of the roasting seeds.  They can't wait to try them!  When we start to worry about how we will manage in these unprecedented circumstances, the children's exuberance and joy reminds us that the extra effort is worth it.  Jana Kelly

Welcome New Members Kristian, Peggy & Patrick

Even in the midst of the pandemic we are thrilled to welcome a few new members Kristian Kangur, Peggy Nickels and  her husband, Patrick Seliske,   Kristian has been worshipping with us for a while now and Peggy was part of the Welcoming Committee that worked to make possible for the coming and settling of Shinga and Esperance and their children, she comes to us from St Stephens Lutheran, Kitchener.  “Welcome Kristian, Peggy and Patrick.”

In Our Prayers

Let us continue to remember Gwen, Margaret, Willie, David, Marta and Rosalie, in our prayers that they would experience wholeness and relief. Let us uphold Nyah in our prayers as she affirms her baptism this Sunday and continues her faith journey.

Caribbean Christmas Dinner is On 

In past years, many things made the Caribbean Christmas Party special and memorable. The great food was one of those reasons. This year, as it will not be possible to greet each other and share Christmas hugs, there will still be great food available.

Mrs Bell and company are planning to cook their full turkey dinner with Caribbean touches and arrange for pick up.

Details are still in the works, but do plan to pick up your Christmas Dinner Novemember 21. Watch this newsletter for more details in the coming weeks. 

Caribbean Christmas 2019


Marillac's "home-built" boutique

Adopt-A-Cause: Marillac Place

Fall Replenisher Campaign in support of the mothers and babies at Marillac Place

Adopt-A-Cause: Marillac Place

Fall Replenisher Campaign in support of the mothers and babies at Marillac Place

Nobody could have predicted that a pandemic would force many organizations in Canada, including Marillac Place, to pivot 180 degrees. They continued to provide a safe and healthy home to women and their children through generous community grants and initiatives like the Baby Bottle Campaign. The campaign looked different as it was fully virtual, but churches and their members were flexible and stepped up to make it happen through a mail-in appeal. At Mount Zion, we decided to plan a Fall campaign to support their current needs.

The pandemic has greatly affected their fundraising outcomes, as well, a temporary pause has occurred in the acceptance of in-kind and corporate donations. These ongoing donations are a vital and necessary part of their programming. They rely on these donations to provide items that the new mothers and babies depend on such as clothing, bedding, diapers, toiletries and basic household items.

Our Mount Zion fundraising campaign will help to provide funds for the purchase of needed items and gift certificates that will support the ‘Praise for a Raise Program’.

As part of a trauma informed approach to care, at Marillac Place the staff encourage growth and goal achievement through positive reinforcement. To accomplish this, they have implemented a rewards-based program called Praise for a Raise. This program allows women to earn tokens when they accomplish goals or contribute to household life at Marillac Place. These tokens can be used to buy material goods at their in-house, personally managed, very own boutique. The boutique is stocked with the donated items, and specifically needed products bought using monetary donations from our community. Each resident can use the tokens to select what they need to support their baby and themself during their stay at Marillac Place, and ultimately, for when they move out. 

Please use your church envelope or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to make a donation in support of this local charitable organization.

See the 2019 Impact Report.

Ginnie Ehrlich


A survey of the Haldimand Tract from 1821, by Thomas Ridout. (Library and Archives Canada)

Recognizing Treaty

In 2016, Ontario passed legislation declaring the first week of November as Treaties Recognition Week. A treaty is a sacred agreement to live in respect and harmony with the land and its many diverse peoples. A land acknowledgement is one way to describe our relationship with the land and the peoples who have lived and hunted in this region for thousands of years.

The Haudensaunee people remember treaties through wampum belts, which are quahog shells strung together with sinew in distinctive patterns to recall stories and relationships. I recently participated in the creation of a miniature Dish With One Spoon wampum belt which was crafted in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In stringing my rows of beads, I pledged to honour my responsibilities as a treaty person on this territory. I promised to learn about the common history of Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and other First Nations who have cared for this land between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

As a white man of privilege, I have lived most of my life in ignorance of the reality of First Peoples’ experiences.  God is calling me to examine my beliefs and assumptions and to educate myself about those with whom I may have little contact or knowledge. One way to honour treaty is to open my heart and mind to my Indigenous neighbour and to listen attentively to their story. Deacon Scott Knarr

Mount Zion worship returns to the sanctuary.

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