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Sept 25, 2020

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Mount Zion's tech crew at work

It wasn't perfect but...

Last Sunday the return of in-person worship in our sanctuary made for a significant event in our congregation's history. A well-organized group of volunteers and ushers welcomed people back into a safe worshipping space. The service was different in that we had to maintain distancing and there was no singing.  One person in attendance spoke the words of the hymns as others hummed along!!  We did not have communion but are making plans to incorporate it in future weeks. Those that were present had a very positive experience and many expressed that to me.  Joyce Brown said she found the service to be a worshipful experience and she felt very safe with the precautions set in place. Plan to attend on a Sunday.  Call the church office to reserve your seat Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning.   

The live streaming did have hiccups. especially with the audio, and a number of you did write about your observations, thanks for that.  Our team moved quickly to upgrade our internet service, wiring and other alterations in hopes that next Sunday's experience will be much better!!  Many thanks to those of you who have worked tirelessly to make this all happen.  Pastor Philip

Amy is on holidays 

Amy will be on holidays for the next two Sundays. We welcome back Sarah Cardwell to the keyboards.


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The Season of Pentecost

The readings for Sunday are

Exodus 17:1-7

Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16

Philippians 2:1-13

Matthew 21:23-32

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In our Prayers

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Links and Lessons

Mount Zion worship returns to the sanctuary.

Service begins at 10   You are invited to:

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  • YouTube

Attend in Person. Registration is required....learn more


Click this YouTube logo to be a part of the service from home.


Click on this  Zoom logo to be a part of a 15 minute chat prior to the service. You will be directed to the service

Meeting ID: 741 745 428   Password: 128324


Other Opportunities to worship, study or socialize

VESPERS 7:00 pm Monday - Thursday evenings(Sign in any time after 6:30, Service starts at 7:00 pm)


Meeting ID: 826 4408 7778

MEN'S BREAKFAST   9:00 a.m. Thursday

Postludes and Preludes from previous services can be accessed by clicking on the YouTube icon at the  top of the page. 

News on this year's Flu Shot

With everyone’s attention tuned into the problem of COVID testing, The Ford government announced that the flu shots are coming early this year. It is not too early to think about it. We are told that pharmacies will have both serums available, which includes the one preferred for seniors.
In consultation with our local public health on Thursday morning of this week, they are saying… “Planning for public health in regards to the influenza vaccine is still in process“.  There is no available information at this point in regards to when and where vaccine will be available as well as any information about the vaccine specifically.
What I will encourage you to do is to get your flu shot! Get it to protect yourself as well as your loved ones. This is the year of all years to get it! I worry about what things could look like if someone was infected with both COVID  and influenza at the same time. Your flu shot is the best possible way to prevent that scenario from happening.   Nurse Christine


In Our Prayers

Agnes Jones' committal was held last Saturday, September 19, at Avondale Cemetery in Stratford. Let us remember her family during this time of grief and loss.  Let us continue to remember Gwen, Christine, Margaret, Willie, David, Conrad, and Zach in our prayers, that they would experience wholeness and healing. Let us remember our children and youth as they have started school, for all parents and other family members that they be free of anxiety and also be kept safe and healthy. For our congregations as we go back to in-person worship and for all the changes involved, for wisdom, discernment and patience.

Church Council Announcement

Church Council is pleased to announce that David Murison has agreed to act as Vice President of council for the remainder of this term. David was elected to council in 2017. Besides operating the screens in the sanctuary Sunday mornings, David is also a member of the Worship and Music Committee and has served as Church Council president in the past. He comes to council executive with a multitude of talents and experience and we are grateful that he accepted the position left vacant after the retirement of Ginny Ehrlich from the position.

He can dance too. Dave and Wanda Murison at Mount Zion's Summer Sounds and Spices Festival

Service Committee

seeks new members and committee partners

Service Committee activities are curtailed for this fall because of the pandemic, but we would like to continue our work of bringing needs of the community and beyond before the congregation, working with other groups in Mount Zion with a similar focus.    

We would welcome new members.  If you would like to join, please contact Mary Thompson at melinoret@gmail.com

We are looking for Volunteers

Sunday Church Services are beginning again at Mount Zion.  We need volunteers to assist in ensuring the service time flows smoothly.  We have an usher team ready – Thanks Gerry Roeder and the Ushers.


We need some volunteers to help us make the entry and exit from the church go smoothly.  We provide:

  • Written instructions and a personal demonstration if you wish

  • Face shields – you wear your own mask.

  • Time needed is 30-45 minutes before the service.

  • You will NOT need to register if you are listed to volunteer.  All volunteers have a seat.

Interested?  Please email stephanie@vonschilling.ca or phone 519-884-5429.

We appreciate your volunteering efforts!    Stephanie Von Schilling

To see the list of volunteer responsibilities, click here

Upcoming events

Oct 22  1 - 3 pm  Fall Book Discussion

Nov 21 5:30 pm Caribbean Christmas Party

Feb 28 2021  Black History Month  Celebrations

ways to


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