Acknowledgment of Territory

We begin today’s service with an acknowledge of the traditional territory upon which we gather physically & virtually. 

We are walking hand in hand on this safe and bountiful land which is part of the Grand River watershed, traditional territory of the Anishinabe, Hodenoshone and Neutral peoples, fellow sojourners.

We give thanks to the Creator for this great gift and recognize our responsibility as treaty people to care for the land and waters that nourish us and give us strength. We also acknowledge that it is our duty to do more to learn about the rich history of this land to better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, caretakers and sojourners. 

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I don’t know how many of us have noticed the haze that is over us for the past few days, especially in the mornings and the evenings. It has been reported that that is the smoke all the way from the West coast.  Yes, it is from the fires in California, Oregon and Washington State, thousands of kilometres away, one of the tragic consequences of climate change.  

Scientists point out that emissions of greenhouse gases, due to human activity, especially of the wealthier and industrialized nations, is directly impacting climate change. With the lockdowns because of Covid19, the daily levels of greenhouse gases fell by 17% in April as compared to the previous year. But with the reopening of industrial units and other activities resuming, this has been reversed. As the world returned to work, emissions rose and by June were within 5% of the previous year.

Global sea levels are rising much faster than earlier. The extent of sea-ice in the Arctic has continued to decline and large portions of the ice shelf in Greenland has broken off. Rising temperatures have also seen droughts and heatwaves and have increased the risk of wildfires. Hurricanes have become much more deadly and frequent of late.  Hurricane Sally that is battering the southern coasts of the US is expected to bring flooding and one report said that the rain was measured in feet and not in inches!

The climate changes that were noticed in the earlier stages of the pandemic with lower greenhouse gas emissions and cities being free of smog, waterways becoming clear with marine life moving in in many places and so on, offer hope and point to the fact that it is possible to bring about change if there is a will and determination.  But human greed and selfishness keep coming in the way of any significant changes.

September, as was pointed out earlier, is being observed as Season of Creation and we are called to come to a point of repentance and work towards making a healthier planet a reality.  How could we as a faith community respond to this crisis?  Our hazy skies is a warning of the catastrophic consequences of uncontrolled climate change which would be a threat to human existence itself. During the discussion after vespers one evening, it was pointed out that we may not be able to do anything overly significant in directly dealing with this but bringing pressure on our elected representatives to enact policies that would help us move in such a direction is a possibility!

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