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Reimagining Mount Zion

Mount Zion’s Updated Core Values and Vision Statement
Based on congregational feedback gathered on April 30, 2023

This report has been prepared for the members of Mount Zion. It provides a summary of the congregation’s updated Core Values and Vision Statement, which were revised based on feedback members provided at the congregational meeting held on April 30. Some (not all!) of the suggestions from members included:

  • Add a preamble to communicate that we are equipped and led by God;

  • Remove definition for “faith” from the definition for “faithfulness”;

  • Include Mount Zion’s relationship with Indigenous communities;

  • Remove the word “equality” from the definition for “justice”;

  • Build on our strengths; we are already acting on many of the core values;

  • Reference stewardship.


All member feedback was carefully considered to clarify and simplify the language so that members and the community around us can articulate Mount Zion’s core beliefs and our hope for the future. Mount Zion’s Core Values and the Vision Statement work together as complementary elements of our congregation’s identity statements. One builds on the other. The Core Values are listed first because they incorporate more detailed language, which we trust will help to clarify our understanding of the Vision Statement.


Council accepted the updated Core Values and Vision Statement on May 11, 2023, and will be asking members to approve them at a congregational meeting following worship on June 4, 2023. 






Equipped by the teachings of the Scriptures and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the people of Mount Zion embrace these core values:



  • We are called to be true to God and to one another through our actions of love, compassion and our desire for justice.



  • We value our desire and ability to include all people, regardless of age, ability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religious practice into our community.


  • We work with our neighbours and communities to break down barriers and provide equitable access to resources and opportunities.

  • We are entrusted to be stewards of the earth, our own resources and all of God’s Creation, ensuring sustainable outcomes for our and future generations.

  • We strive to further our understanding of justice in its many forms, including Indigenous reconciliation, and be leaders in our response.


Looking Outward

  • Mount Zion is not a community in isolation. We respond to the needs and perspectives of all with love and compassion.


Looking Forward:

  • Courageously looking forward to a sustainable future, we build on our strengths and explore new ideas and partnerships.





Mount Zion’s Vision for the Future:


               We are stirred and guided by God to become an even
more caring, joyful and diverse Christian community,
serving all Creation by striving for justice.



Respectfully submitted,

Karen Gastmeier, on behalf of Church Council

May 16, 2023

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