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PAR is a convenient way to support the congregation and the missions of Mount Zion, when you are home and away

Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

29 Westmount Road South, Waterloo, On N2L 2K4


Pre-Authorized Remittance Program


Thank you for your interest in Mount Zion’s pre-authorized remittance program.  If you have automatic withdrawals from your bank account for insurance, mortgage, loans or bills, then you already understand pre-authorized remittances (PAR).  Pre-authorized remittances are electronic transfers that allow us to make payments conveniently and ensure that our obligations are met in a timely way.


Many people use PAR for their church offerings.  They find it to be a convenient way to take care of their regular commitment to the church.  Once the arrangement is set up, a withdrawal is made on the bank account of each PAR contributor on or about the 20th of the month.  Mount Zion then receives the funds from all the members participating.


What are the advantages of PAR?


  • You can make your stewardship part of your over-all financial planning.

  • You can make regular support to the church in the monthly amount that you choose.

  • PAR can ensure that your support of the congregation is ongoing, even if you are away.

  • PAR can reduce the number of transactions through your bank account.

  • PAR assures the congregation of a regular, dependable flow of contributions.


What does PAR cost?


There is no cost to you, the contributor.  A small administrative fee (currently $0.50) is charged to the congregation for each PAR contribution.  This is less than what is usually charged by the bank for depositing a cheque.


How do I participate in Mount Zion’s PAR program?


  1.  Decide on the amount of your monthly contribution to Mount Zion.


  1. Fill in the authorization form and attach one of your cheques marked “void”.


  1. Using the envelope provided, forward the form and the voided cheque to the church office, or place it on the offering plate. If you are able, you could also provide a scanned copy of the signed authorization and voided cheque to the PAR administrator via email as indicated on the authorization form.


When would my participation take effect?


Your first withdrawal will take place in the month following receipt of your completed form.  For example, if we receive your form in March, the first transfer from your account will take place on or about April 20th.


How can I change the particulars of my PAR contribution?


Contact your PAR administrator – Richard Brubacher, the Treasurer of Mount Zion, by phone or email if you need to change your banking information, or the amount, or the distribution of your contribution, or to cancel your PAR.  See the contact information below.  Changes would need to be provided prior to the 8th day of the month to become effective in the same month.


What do I do when the offering plate comes around?


You may simply pass the plate along, or you may place on the plate one of the cards that bears the inscription, “I gratefully support Mount Zion through pre-authorized giving.”  These cards are found in the pews.


May I still make additional special offerings using envelopes?


Certainly!  Any envelope in the pews or other seasonal envelope can be used at any time to make a special designated donation in addition to your regular PAR contribution.  Merely describe where the funds are to be allocated and with your name, these additional contributions will be credited to you.


Who administers Mount Zion’s PAR program?


The United Church of Canada handles the actual withdrawals and transfers the funds to Mount Zion’s accounts directly.  This facility is utilized by many Lutheran congregations.


Our local PAR administrator is Richard Brubacher, Treasurer of Mount Zion assisted by Diana Groffen the church administrator.  Richard can be reached at 519-746-6552 by phone or email for any changes.  Dianna can be reached at the church office 519-886-5820.

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