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Reimagining Mount Zion

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News from Mount Zion
March 31, 2023

Join us for worship in person or on- line at 10 am every Sunday
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  • Mount Zion remain strongly supportive of continued use of masks for members and rental groups.

  • Deadline for next edition is April 12

Holy Week at Mount Zion

April 2 Palm/Passion Sunday – 10 am

Join us this Sunday for the Procession of the Palms as we commemorate Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and reflect on the Passion of Jesus Christ.


April 6  Maundy Thursday - 7:00 pm

Both foot washing and hand washing will be offered again this year.


April 7  Good Friday- 10 am

A quiet and somber hour of contemplation ending in the dark.


April 9  Easter Sunday -10 am

A joyous celebration of the resurrection.

Music Notes

The choir had a "field trip" to St. Matthew's on March 26 to sing with their choir, another enjoyable joint venture. Thanks to Peter Nikiforuk for playing at Mount Zion while we were away. 

We have lots of lovely music coming up for Holy Week and Easter, including Mozart's "Ave Verum" for Palm/Passion Sunday this week. Two trumpet players from Laurier will join us on Easter morning.

Easter Flowers

This year we will again decorate our chancel with an array of Blue Hydrangeas for Easter.  If you wish to participate by supporting this purchase, please see the signup sheet found in the narthex or call Margaret in the office at 519-886-5820.  The 10” pots cost $35.00 and the 6” pots cost $20.00.  Please pick up your plant immediately after service on Easter Sunday, April 9, if possible.  (Please indicate “Flowers” in the “other” section of your envelope.) Thank you for your support.  Susan Brubacher


Reimagining Mount Zion Initiative Update

Please watch for an important email from Mount Zion next week regarding the next step in our  “Reimagining Mount Zion Initiative.” The email (or mailed letter for those who don’t have email) will contain your chance to add your input to the process.

Attached or enclosed, you will find two documents.  One is called the “Mount Zion SWOT Analysis of March 2023.  It contains ideas from your Church Council on our congregation’s strengths and weaknesses as we perceive them.  It also outlines potential opportunities we have for the future and any external threats that might exist.  This list is not exhaustive – you might think of additional comments in each or any of the categories.

That is why a second – and very important – document, the Visioning Questionnaire, is included in this package.  We want and need your INPUT!!!  The results from this questionnaire will create a vision for the future that all members share.  It will help us come together, make decisions and manage change.

We need every member of Mount Zion to thoughtfully complete this questionnaire and return it to Mount Zion by APRIL 14, 2023. The survey results will be presented at a general meeting following the service on April 30.

There will be regular updates on Sunday morning and in the newsletter along the way. You are right if this process is moving quickly. We hope to finish all the leg work before the summer and be ready to start the critical next steps in the fall.

Mount Zion Women's Retreat Up-date

This week we received a call from Pastor Annette Smith advising that she would be unable to lead our Retreat due to the death of a charter member of her congregation.  We are very grateful to Pastor Claudine Carlson for taking on this leadership role under the same theme - The Tree of Life. We have 24 women registered for the weekend of April 21st - 23rd, and we are all looking forward to the retreat after three years of being unable to meet at Hidden Acres Camp and Retreat Centre.  Carol Ziegler


A Spring Benefit Concert
Banding Together for Refugee Support. – April 15, 2:00 pm

Please tell your neighbours and plan on attending our spring benefit concert, Banding Together for Refugee Support featuring the Waterloo Concert Band, on Saturday, April 15, at 2 pm in the Lange Auditorium. Jennifer Ardon, the Refugee Resettlement Manager for Canadian Lutheran World Relief, will also give a presentation and light refreshments. The concert is in support of an initiative led by our Justice through Service Committee, where Mount Zion is a member of a coalition of churches formed to raise funds to sponsor the two large refugee families.

Update from Mary Thompson

The coalition has received some good news.  Enough of the required funding has been raised or pledged that the two families have been accepted as part of CLWR’s 2023 allotment, and the paperwork has actually begun!  As we know, many requirements must be fulfilled, and there may still be a long wait until the families arrive, but the situation appears hopeful. 

Spring Book Study

Health Council will hold a book study on The Spoon Stealer by well-known Canadian author Leslie Crewe. This is Emmeline’s story, who never quite fit in her rural Nova Scotia family. She flees to England and builds her life there. When she unexpectedly inherits the family farm late in her life, she returns to her family, so broken by loss and secrecy. Full of humour, family secrets, and women’s friendships, this book explores the power of knowing ourselves and speaking the truth. The study will be held in person in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, April 18, 1:30-3:00 pm.

Copies of the book are available If you wish to borrow one. Please contact Betty Behm.

 If you have questions, please ask Mary Slethaug or other members of the Health Council.


Jobs for My Ukrainians

Anne Woolner writes: “I currently have two young Ukrainian women living with me, age 22 & 31. They have been In Canada for a month and are desperate for work as their funds are limited. They are willing to help with any jobs around the house, cleaning, gardening, cooking (one was a chef in Ukraine), doing factory work, working on a farm etc. Their  English is limited, but they are good at using Google Translate. Please help me to get them settled in Canada. They will return to their war-torn town if they do not get employment. If you can offer any support, please give me a call or email them directly and

Food Security Ministries Update

Mount Zion has two ministries concerned with Food Security. This is the first of what we plan will be a regular update about these two important Mount Zion ministries.

Mount Zion Kitchen. The Mount Zion Kitchen serves many people with healthy and nutritious lunches.  The people served range from university students at the Luther Distro to some of our own members and others in the community who are elderly, not well, or in need.  It helps to have a complete meal, often with salad and a bun to ensure that we are eating well and nutritionally.

Financially:  We entered 2023 with a positive balance of $1080.  From January through February, the finances are as follows:

Receipts (income)  :  $2850.

Expenses                :  $2950.

Balance(negative)  :  $  100. (for the months of Jan. and Feb.)

It takes between $500. and $700. in donations every month to maintain the Mount Zion Kitchen at current levels.  The last meal for this season will be April 20. and will restart in the early fall. Your generosity has been exceptional, and Mount Zion appreciates the support received for this ministry.

Food Vouchers.  Every two months, the food voucher program is serving about 43 families (each receiving six $10 cards) and 20 individuals (each receiving three $10 cards).   We are making a small contribution to their grocery bills, but this outreach is much appreciated. We are delighted that congregational donations have been keeping pace with the need.  To keep the distribution going, we require about $1600. every month. 

Stephanie von Schilling and Mary Thompson


Mount Zion Cafe

The Mount Zion Café continues to offer coffee and goodies on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Please join us. Coffee is on at 10 a.m. Taxi rides are available to the café, whose cost is covered by Mount Zion.  If you require a ride, please call the church office and speak to Margaret by 9:45 AM LATEST on the morning of a cafe or the day before if you know.  Margaret will order you a taxi, and the cafe volunteers will see you get a taxi home.

Dates:   April 12 and 26   May 10 and 24    June 14


Mount Zion Kitchen is Serving:

Apr 6  Macaroni and Cheese with Salad and Roll

Apr 13 Sausage with braised cabbage, Mashed Potato and Rolls, Veg Option - Vegetable               Stew with braised cabbage and mashed potato and Rolls

Apr 20  Curried chicken breast, steamed rice and a salad.

See the website for future dates

Mindfulness Meditation Practice Continues

Everyone is welcome to attend our Mindful Meditation group every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Meet upstairs. Wear a mask, be fully vaccinated (preferential), and be fragrance-free. Open to all—no charge and no previous experience necessary.  Just come.  Call Henriette Stumper  519.885.3434 for more details.

In Our Prayers

Grant healing and wholeness to all who seek them, The Nanson family upon the passing of Shirley Nanson, Martin, Joy, Sandra, Jim, Julian, George, Betty, Rosalie, James, Thelma, Helen, Gladys and Don & Jean and their daughter Tai; and the families and communities of Pastor Paul Bosch and Sister Anne Keffer grieving their deaths.

The Sound of Music Chorus

Richard Brubacher stopped by the church one evening to check in on one of our new tenants, The Sound of Music Chorus, which rehearses in the sanctuary Monday nights.   He was told that the group is now up to 75 persons. He is sharing a picture of that rehearsal and another when the choir was dressed in their performance dress.

He says, “They have some excellent voices, but I only heard them singing unison that night. They are overjoyed with the space."


Upcoming Lessons

Sunday Apr 2 – Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday

Matthew 26:14-27:66 


Thursday Apr 6 – Maundy Thursday Readings

John 13:1-17, 31b-35  

Friday Apr 7 – Good Friday Readings

Jesus' Words from the Cross

Sunday Apr 9 Resurrection of Our Lord : Easter Day

Acts 10:34-43 

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 (24) 

Matthew 28:1-10 


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VESPERS    7:00 pm Monday - Thursday evenings

Mount Zion's office tel.: 519 886-5820  office hours: Tues. - Fri. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

How to contact our staff, while our building is closed:  
Pastor Philip Mathai                            cell: 519-781-5602
Music Director Sarah. E. Cardwell
Office Administrator Margaret Waechter           
Nurse Christine Ramseyer            cell: 519-588-8006
Feel free to call our cell phones. If we aren't available we'll return your call!

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