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Do It Yourself Picture Directory back in progress

Prior to Covid 19 shutdowns, a new picture directory for the congregation was in its early days of development. As with lots of other projects, it just didn’t happen. However, we have dusted off the file and are busy making plans for the new directory. Although planning has just started and all the details are not yet figured out, we can tell you:

  • We are planning to do the directory ourselves without the aid of the photography company who produced the directories.  

  • It is our goal to have it finished by mid to late September.  The directory will include your name and contact information as always, but we have been asked to include email addresses. We will do so where possible.

  • The directory is a printed document for use of congregation members. It will not appear on-line in any format.

Be Involved

  • If you have moved or have a new phone number, please let Margaret know asap.  Right now, we are checking and rechecking the data that will be included

  • We will ask you to supply your own photo and submit it by email. (see below)

  • Over the summer we will assemble the booklet and have it printed professionally.

  • There will be a small charge for the directory, probably around $10. (In the past, each of you paid the photography company for your photos and Mount Zion then received a limited number of directories for free.

More about taking your own photo and submitting it

We are not looking for formal photographs, something you or a friend took with a cell phone is just fine.

Please feel free to include your furry family members too.

Here is a couple of hints to help make your photo better

Some tips for taking a better photo and how to submit 
Choose flattering lighting (ideally outside)

Natural light is best. For outside photo. Step outside and look for a location in an area that is not in direct sunlight. Stand with the sun behind you to avoid squinting your eyes and shadows on your face. 

Take a few photos and decide which is best.


Stand up straight with your shoulders back and chin lifted toward the camera.

Turn your upper body slightly at a diagonal while keeping your head turned toward the camera.

Your back should be straight but lean forward toward your phone (or camera) which will have a slimming effect and help you avoid a double chin.


For Groups, Families and Pets

For two people, position your heads close together so that the two of you will be in the middle of the frame.

For families try to cluster your faces together.

For furry family members, try to hold your pet around shoulder level.


When you have chosen your favourite photo, pls submit by email to

PLEASE DO NOT CROP and use your family name plus photo for the subject Line


For example: Smith, Rodney & Kathy, Peppa & George Photo

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